Capitol Peak Colorado - 14130'

September 2, 2006

Capitol Peak is located in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area and is one of those peaks that says "Alpine Climbing" as soon as you lay eyes on it. This peak is one of the most recognized from the summit of neighboring peaks due in part to the classic profile. Located in the heart of the Maroon Bells-Snomass Wilderness area this majestic peak is hidden from anyone not willing to get off the road. Despite the fact that Capitol is part of the Elk Range, it has suprisingly good rock quality. This good rock allows for some of Colorado's best alpine rock climbs. Even the easiest route, the Northeast Ridge aka "The Knife Ridge", on Capitol is still a class 4 scramble with more than enough exposure. It is however a very well traveled route that can be approached from two distinct trailheads. The massive 1,300 foot North Face offers several technical rock routes with the most popular being the Northwest Ridge at 5.7. Do not be misled by the rating because this is still a very serious undertaking. This has been the setting of many rescues for the Aspen Search and Rescue.  (from



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Trail to Capitol

Trail to Capitol


View from Camp

View from Camp

View from Camp


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Capitol Lake outlet

Capitol from K2

Blaine ponders his fate

Crossing knife edge

Crossing knife edge

Baine & I on top


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YES!! cell signal

Capitol Lake from top

Capitol ridge from top

View from top

View from top

View from top


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Capitol the end