Muir Ranch to Piute Trail Camp

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South Fork San Joaquin River.  This is where the JMThree of us camped (on top of the embankment on the left side of this shot, just over the bushes), and it's the same spot that Jim and I camped at the previous year on our South Lake - North Lake loop. So far every time we're in the area, we camp here. It's a nice spot with a big fire ring, well off the trail in a secluded area (it's a couple-hundred yard bushwhack to get there), and the convenience of this beautiful river can't be matched. I took this shot early evening, after I had rinsed out my socks, but before I burned holes in the tips of my socks while dry-roasting them over the fire. We had a rip-roarin' fire that evening, and a rip-roarin' good time. And we were excited as we hit the sack that night because the next day would bring us to Evolution Basin.  I was a little concerned about bears this night because we had heard earlier in the day, while we were at the Muir Trail Ranch (Dave had a resupply stop there), that there was a very aggressive bear along the river, getting food that wasn't properly protected. We were told that this big bear would actually rip into tents at night, even while occupied, and grab any food inside. Now THAT'S an aggressive bear. We were quite a few miles further upriver than these reported incidences, but still, to a bear a few miles ain't no thang. But we didn't have any problems.

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Camp Near S.F. San Joaquin River / Piute Creek