Selden Pass

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Here's Dave "The Human Pumpkin" working his way up through a stormy morning on Seldon Pass. That's Marie Lake in the background. We had camped on the left side of the lake, I'd tell you exactly where, but you don't really care. I was looking forward to some nice photos from the pass, looking down on the lake with the peaks in the background, but it was cold and rainy and the view was minimal, so I just did a quick handheld shot on the trail and got the flip up the pass. We wanted to tell Dave it was a little early for Halloween, but since we were low on food and candy, we thought it couldn't hurt our chances of attaining sweets. When another group of hikers walked by, we held out our hats and said, "triiiick or treeeeat". I guess they didn't take us serious, so we were forced to jump them and make a run for it. Rangers had posted our photos at trail sign junctions, so we were forced to hike most of the JMT a few hundred yards off trail, coming back to the trail long enough to jump more hikers for food, and then scurry back off into the wilderness. We found that the women were easier to steal from.

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Rainy morning on top of Seldon Pass.  Here's the JMThree on top of Seldon Pass (with Marie Lake in the rainy background). This was the easiest of the passes coming from our direction (N to S). It was raining when my camera took this shot (love those 10-second timers!). The other Brian had already bailed a couple days before. For a packcover I'm using a big white compactor trashbag. I have two really nice packcovers... nice ones... at HOME. I need to make a checklist, shoot. I knew I had forgotten something. From left to right is Surfer "The Human Pumpkin" Dave, Jim "Meteorite Man" S., Inc.®, and Buck®. Shortly after I snapped this shot, the rain cut loose and we descended the backside of the pass in pouring rain, which was pretty cool. When I wear my full rainhood, I like the echoing sound it makes inside when I talk.


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Back side of Selden Pass.