Meteorite hunting trip to Oman November/December 2003

First stop - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Postcard Images of Dubai.  Dubai is taking all it's oil profits and building a financial and tourisim center for the future.  Everywhere you look there is construction in progress.


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Burj al Arab Hotel


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Dubai Gold Souk


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The City Center Mall.  Check out the Woolworth's sign in the first photo - English and Arabic.  Most signs in the United Arab Emirates were like this.  Yes, that is right, after Ramadan the mall was decorated for Christmas.   People were free to dress as they please in Dubai, from provocative Western dress to traditional Arab robes with nothing but the eyes showing (sometimes not even the eyes).   Dubai is VERY tolerant.


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The Dubai Airport at 2:00 am !!!  A huge duty free shopping mall is in the airport.  This place is very busy 24 hours a day.


Now---- on to Oman!!!

Scenes from the desert..........

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Some of the Meteorites found..........

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