Circle the Cirque Crest

Day 2 – Sunday, September 5, 2004

We got up and took a short hike over to Granite Lake before breaking camp.

Our goal for the day was to hike to State Lakes for our second night's camp.  The climb from camp up and over Granite Pass was short and the view back down toward the meadow was pretty in the morning.  Although today's hike was pretty and the weather was perfect, we were looking forward to getting off of the trail and doing some cross country navigation.  However, this would have to wait until we left the trail at Horseshoe lakes on the third day of our trip.

We stopped for a long break at Lower State Lake.  Since they are somewhat off the beaten path, State Lakes are full of trout......easy fishing !!!!   We made camp at Upper State Lake and spent another night under a clear starry sky.


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View back from pass

Brian approaches pass

Other side of pass

Other side of pass

Descending from pass

Lower State Lake


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Lower State Lake

Lower State Lake

Upper State Lake

Upper State Lake

State Lake camp