Zagami Martian Meteorite



  • Zagami

  • Fell October 3, 1962 Katsina Province Nigeria,  Latitude: 11.7333 N; Longitude: 7.08333 E

  • Martian basalt (shergottite)

On an October afternoon in 1962, this meteorite landed about 10 feet away from a farmer who was trying to chase crows from his corn field. The farmer heard a tremendous explosion and was buffeted by a pressure wave. After a puff of smoke and a thud, the meteorite buried itself in a hole about 2 feet deep. Weighing at about 18,000 grams (40 pounds), the Zagami meteorite is the largest single individual Mars meteorite ever found.   The meteorite was sent to the Kaduna Geological Survey and placed in a museum. Some years later, Robert Haag, a meteorite dealer, traded for a large portion of the Zagami meteorite.



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First photo shows specimen surface area with ruler, top scale is inches, bottom scale is metric.  Second photo shows slice width.  Third photo is closeup of the surface. 

This is one of the largest slices of Zagimi in private hands.  The curved edge represents the outside of the meteorite and 90% of this edge is covered in glossy black fusion crust.  It measures 155 mm by 123 mm by 2.1mm thick.  Measurements were taken at widest points.

This slice comes complete with a photographic identifier certificate of authenticity, Identification card,  and comes packaged in a plastic membrane display box which suspends the specimen between two membranes.

This incredible, large specimen weighing 103 grams is available for sale - INQUIRE-


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