Dhofar 019 Martian Meteorite



  • Dhofar 019, Oman
  • Found January 24, 2000 
  • Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite)

A brownish gray stone weighing 1056 grams was found in Dhofar region, Oman. Mineralogy and classification (M. Nazarov and M. Ivanova of Vernadsky Institute, and L.A. Taylor of University of Tennessee): fusion crust absent; meteorite is a doleritic rock consisting of subhedral grains (0.2 - 0.5 mm) of pigeonite (Wo[9-15] En[40-70], Fe/Mn = 20-40 at.), augite (Wo[30-40] En[40-55]), olivine (Fo[25-60], Fe/Mn = 50-60 at.), and feldspar (An[36-68]) converted to maskelynite; olivine has higher Fe/Mg than that of coexisting pyroxenes, as it is in nakhlites; mineralogical modes are approx. 65% pyroxene, 25% maskelynite, and 10% olivine; accessories are silca, K-rich feldspar, whitlockite, chlorapatite, chromite, ilemnite, titanomagnetite, magnetite, and pyrrhotite; secondary phases are calcite, gypsum, smectite, celestite, and Fe hydroxides; shock features include fracturing and mosaicism, maskelynite, and rare impact melt pockets; extensive terrestrial weathering present mainly as carbonate veins crosscutting the meteorite; however there are smectite-calcite-gypsum "orangettes" replacing maskelynite, which are similar to those in ALH84001 and could be of martian origin; in bulk chemistry the meteorite is close to Shergotty; light rare earth elements are strongly depleted. Specimens: type specimens of 113 grams, 4 grams, and 2 grams, and two thin sections, Vernadsky Institute; main mass'with anonymous finder.



Specimens available for sale are listed below.

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Each specimen comes complete with a photographic identifier certificate of authenticity, Identification card,  and comes packaged in a plastic display box which suspends the specimen between two membranes.


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dhofar0192074c.JPG (67845 bytes)  dhofar0192074a.JPG (159835 bytes)  dhofar0192074b.JPG (97950 bytes) First photo is specimen in the 4" x 3" removable plastic display box.  This specimen weighs 2.074 grams and measures 36.4mm by 23.5mm by .8mm thick.  All measurements taken at widest point.  The third photo is with a quarter for size scale. - $5000-
dhofar0191188a.JPG (105491 bytes)  dhofar0191188b.JPG (223197 bytes)  dhofar0191188c.JPG (228419 bytes) Stunning, Full Slice from the center of this meteorite.  Complete, full slices of Dhofar 019 have disappeared into collections years ago. This one just recently surfaced from a private collection.  First photo is specimen in the 5" x 5" removable membrane suspension box.  This specimen weighs 11.88 grams and measures 86.5 mm by 63.8 mm by .8mm thick.  All measurements taken at widest point.  The third photo is with a quarter for size scale. - $29,000-


Each specimen comes with a Photographic Certificate of Authenticity and ID card.

http://www.catchafallingstar.com/images/ebay/dhofar019cert.jpg (87475 bytes)   Sample of Certificate of Authenticity.

http://www.catchafallingstar.com/images/ebay/dhofar019card.jpg (68065 bytes)   Sample of ID card.



Report on the organettes - Lunar and Planetary Science XXXII (2001)

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