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museum quality specimens for sale

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AGOULT     Beautiful, rare, unbrecciated eucrite     various prices

CANYON DIABLO     Rare meteorite spheroids     $50-

DHOFAR 019      Martian meteorite specimens     various prices

DHOFAR 700      Beautiful  Diogenite from Oman     $10- per gram

DHOFAR 1180      Lunar meteorite specimens    various prices

ESQUEL      Beautiful Pallasite slices    various prices

GIBEON      Beautiful display specimens of various sizes     priced by specimen

IMILAC    Translucent part slices etched on one side and polished on the opposite side    various prices

MASLYANINO    Silicated Iron meteorite from Russia    various prices

MONTURAQUI     Various size impactite individuals   $.50- per gram

NWA 482     Only oriented and freshest lunar meteorite found to date     various prices

NWA 998   Most scientifically important Saharan Martian meteorite discovered to date    various prices

NWA 1950   Lherzolitic Shergottite   $2000- per gram

NWA 2046   Martian Olivine Orthopyroxene Phyric Shergottite main mass    INQUIRE

NWA 2976   Ultra-rare ungrouped pairing with NWA 011    $1000- per gram

NWA 2977      Lunar gabbro meteorite specimens    various prices

NWA 2986   Exceptionally fresh Martian Basaltic Shergottite  various prices

NWA 2995      Lunar Feldspathic Breccia specimens    various prices

SAU 130   Martian Basaltic Shergottite  various prices

SEYMCHAN      Translucent slices of this highly stable Pallasite    various prices

SPRINGWATER      Highly stable Pallasite from Canada    various prices

SIKHOTE-ALIN     Beautiful specimens, many sizes     priced individually

ZAGAMI      One of the largest slices in private hands, weighs 103 grams     INQUIRE


Jim Strope  421 Fourth Street   Glen Dale,  WV  26038

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