NWA 1950 Martian Meteorite


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nwa195014830c.JPG (136916 bytes)  nwa195014830d.JPG (116211 bytes)  Side edges showing fusion crust.

nwa195014830e.JPG (182937 bytes)  Top edge with fusion crust.

nwa195014830f.JPG (278993 bytes)  Bottom edge.

This is a part slice of this meteorite with fusion crust on all edges except the cut bottom edge.  It weighs 14.83 grams and measures 34.6mm by 34.2mm by 4.4mm thick.  All measurements taken at widest point. - $29,000




From The Meteoritical Bulletin No. 88

  • Northwest Africa 1950

  • Found January and March 2001 in Morocco 

  • Martian meteorite (lherzolitic shergottite)

Two stones (414 and 383 g) were found in the Atlas mountains (Morocco) in 2001 January and March. The exact location of find is unknown. The meteorite is a cumulate peridotitic rock consisting of olivine (~ 55 vol%), low and high-Ca pyroxenes (~ 35 vol%) and plagioclase glass (~ 8 vol%). Accessory minerals include phosphates (merrillite), chromite and spinels (inclusions in olivines and pyroxenes), sulfides (pyrrhotite), and a glass rich in potassium.The igneous texture is very similar to that of the ALHA77005. Classification and mineralogy (Ph. Gillet, ENSL, J.A. Barrat, UAng, M. Bohn, Ifremer): pyroxenes are pigeonite, En78Fs19Wo2-En60Fs26Wo14, and augite, En53Fs16Wo31-En45Fs14Wo41; maskelynite ranges from An57Ab41Or1 to An40Ab57Or3. The key element weight-ratios FeO*/MnO is close to 30 for pigeonite and close to 50 for olivines. Geochemistry: REE pattern similar to that of ALHA77005 but with higher values. Specimens: type specimen, 20 g, ENSL; main mass, Fectay.


Additional Information

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